8 Benefits Of Using Animation For Your Business’ Marketing 

8 Benefits Of Using Animation For Your Business’ Marketing 

Animated content is widely known as a part of video games or movies. While the usage of animated content for marketing has been around for ages, the era of digital marketing has taken it up a notch. The usage on social media as well as on websites is nothing uncommon. While many allude to this prioritized approach towards animation to its cost-effective nature, but, the truth is that it performs better than any other type of content. There are plenty of benefits of animation for business marketing.

Animated content has become one of the most in-demand visual content types. So, why should you focus on it too?

Now, if you think about it, humans are only capable of putting their attention towards something for a mere eight seconds. So, not only is it reasonable that many marketers focus on it, but also because it is a viable option for visual content. So, if you are still wondering whether you should use it or not, here are eight reasons to convince you.

  • It Is Amazing 

One of the major influences that animation has on marketing, is that it can provide complex information in a very simplistic fashion. Out of all the tiresome aspects of technical information, one of the major problems that the common audience has is understanding industry jargon or technicalities. Guess what? Animation can provide means that can help solve these problems quite comprehensively.

  • It Is Visually Appealing

Out of all the major benefits of using animation, the visual appeal that it has stands out as the most prominent one. Not only because it uses cartoon-like characters or intriguing sceneries, but also because it has the tendency to draw human attention. Considering how humans have only 8 seconds of it to spare, it becomes a vital role player in any marketing strategy. 

  • Entertaining Elements

Besides the visual appeal, animated content is filled with entertaining elements. From intriguing visuals to background music and narration, the possibilities to create whiteboard animation videos or other types appealing are massive. So, out of all the benefits, focus on this one as it can be your chief entertaining content type.

  • Statistically Superior Content

If your website is struggling, then you might think you need SEO elements. If your blog is struggling, then you might focus on creating original content. However, if they are both suffering the same problems, add animated videos to them and see the difference. Statistics prove that adding animation to a website can increase its retention rates. As for a blog, it can help increase the time a user spends reading blog posts once an animated video makes its appearance. 

  • Ability To Tell A Story

Speaking of appearances, if all the book adaptations into movies can tell you something, it is that people prefer to see rather than read. And, nothing can help you tell a story as well as a well-made animated video. So, if you are looking to emotionally compel your audience, using animation can help you do just that. 

  • Can Be A Part Of Your Brand’s Recognition

Once you start using animation more frequently, it becomes a part of your online recognition. If your strategy involves extensive usage of animation throughout all your platforms, then it can become a vital part of your brand identity.

  • Provides SEO Benefits

Besides retention rates, blog posts or websites with animated videos tend to perform better in search engines as well. Considering how videos are preferred by search engines, content using animated videos tends to get indexed quicker compared to the one that does not. 

  • Helps Increase Platform’s Performance

As mentioned before, adding it to a website can increase its performance. Moreover, if a blog post features an animated video, it tends to get higher retention rates. But, what about social media? Not only can it help those two platforms, it can also help you yield great results on social media networks. The short and visually appealing nature fits like a glove when it comes to social networks like Instagram and Facebook.


So, those were some of the reasons that you need animated content in your online marketing strategy, if you have not used it already, utilize the benefits of animation for business marketing.

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