10 thing women should remember while buying BJJ Rash

10 Things Women’s Should Remember While Buying Best BJJ Rash Guard

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a tough sport and you need the proper gear to ensure you’re protected. It involves a lot of takedowns, rolling around, and grappling on a mat which could cause friction rashes if not. A purpose-built rash guard for BJJ will help to avoid this along with injury protection, moisture control, and regulating your body temperature. If you’re looking for the best BJJ rash guards, there are several things you need to remember. Here are our top ten tips.

Ensure it’s purpose-fit for BJJ

It’s essential to find a purpose-built women’s rash guard BJJ. Whereas you can get rash guards for other sports, it’s better to go for one that has been specially designed for BJJ. You need the right stitching and cut to ensure durability while grappling.

Find the right fit

Finding the right fit is easier nowadays as many brands offer a wide range of gear that’s specifically tailored to fit the female body, and many also specialize in it. Choose the fit according to your preference and comfort. Some people prefer tight compression or others a little looser.

Choose a durable material

You also need a durable material that will be able to withstand abuse during practice and tournaments. Long-lasting, elastic material, and high-quality stitching are very important. Opt for a blend of breathable lycra, or spandex, for example.

Pick a great design

If you’re not going to wear a gi over your rash guard, choose a design you want to show off during tournaments. You can pick a design that reflects your personality and unique style.

Find out if you need a ranked rash guard

It’s necessary to wear a rash guard ranked by the IBJJF, but this won’t be required for most other tournaments. You can find out more about the IBJJF restrictions on uniforms here.

Opt for machine washable

This is essential for ease of care. You’re going to need to clean your rash guard often so it’s more ideal to opt for something machine washable. The synthetic material is moisture-wicking but can retain odors.

Long sleeve vs. short sleeve

This is more of a personal preference but there are advantages to each. Short sleeves may be cooler and more comfortable but long sleeves offer more protection. Some people prefer the friction provided by long sleeves but others use slippery arms to their advantage for escaping a hold. 

Set a budget

Do your research and shop around for the best deal? This will help you set a realistic budget. It’s well worth investing in quality and something more durable.

Think about thickness

It’s also worth pointing out that thicker rash guards are actually better if you’re looking to lose weight while practicing BJJ, but lightweight ones could be more comfortable.

Choose the right brand

It’s essential to go with a quality brand you can trust, do your research, and read online reviews. If you’re interested in buying a well-made women’s rash guard for BJJ, browse our collection today.

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