Best EMR for Pain Management 2021

Best EMR for Pain Management 2021 Review | Akshreet

Pain Management involves various treatment procedures for both chronic and acute pain. The best EMR for Pain Management will take into account all your complaints and procedures regarding that and help you streamline workflow efficiently. 

Key Features of Pain Management EMR

To choose the Best EMR for Pain Management, you must look out for the following features when deciding to buy one.


Best EMR Software for Pain Management provides various templates for your specific practice. These templates help you create specialized soap notes depending upon the type, such as Arthritis, Joint Pain, Chronic headaches, Nerve blocks, and Botulinum injections.

Workflow Organization

Being a Pain Management specialist, you have to record and store large amounts of patient data which can be tiring if done manually. The best EMR Software assists you with this tiresome task and manages your workflow by organizing and storing data.

Integrated System

The best EMR Software for Pain Management provides total integration with labs and operating machines while allowing you to access results from laboratories and diagnostic centers easily. 

Real-time Dashboard

A real-time dashboard helps you gain access to all your patient data efficiently in a single place. It also reduces the time to open multiple tabs to view different charts and results. Being a Pain Management specialist, it will allow you to provide quality care to your patients.


In Pain management setups, patients heavily rely on medications for pain relief. Best EMR Softwares for Pain Management offers a drug database that makes it easier for you to prescribe medications electronically to your patients. It also allows you to connect with pharmacies and review your patient’s dosages. 

Anatomical Diagrams

This feature of Pain Management EMR allows you to view and locate injection sites and areas of pain by providing interactive diagrams. This also helps you to document them and take appropriate treatment steps. 

Best Pain Management EMR for Your Practice?

Listed below are the best EMR Software for Pain Management that can help you work efficiently and improve your patients’ healthcare facility. 

PrognoCIS EMR Software

PrognoCIS EMR Software streamlines workflow, which is a significant benefit in the Pain Management specialty. It provides you various templates for pain management procedures that help you create soap notes specialized for your patient. These templates can be generated and modified with a single click. Some of the templates offered by PrognoCIS include trigger point injections, spinal cord stimulation, and selective nerve root blocks. 

PrognoCIS has a user-friendly interface that provides you with a depth of knowledge crucial for your specialty type. PrognoCIS allows you to identify each patient’s pain level through the pain scale before starting your visits. You can also choose the voice recognition feature provided by PrognoCIS EMR Software to fill the patient history. Along with that, the handwriting recognition feature is also present as a means of documentation.

E-Prescription is another significant benefit provided by PrognoCIS EMR Software. You can easily prescribe a pain-relief medication to your patients. Drug-to-drug interaction and drug-allergy information are also timely provided before writing any prescription. 

Overall, PrognoCIS is one of the best EMR for Pain Management as it provides you all the features you require for your setup.

RXNT Software

RXNT EMR Software is well integrated with a Practice Management System and a Medical Billing Software. RXNT is a pocket-friendly cloud-based EMR Software that you can access easily. You can get access to your patient’s data, lab results, X-rays on multiple devices with a single sign-in. 

Its e-prescription feature has transformed the medical practice, especially for the Pain Management specialty. You can view your patient’s prescription history and connect to other labs and pharmacies easily. 

RXNT allows you to schedule your patients even if you have setups at multiple locations. You can share real-time data with patients as well as other practitioners for improved care coordination. 

Altogether, RXNT is a well-integrated EMR Software for your practice that you can affordably benefit from.

DrChrono EMR Software

DrChrono EMR Software is known for effectively streamlining your workflow and allowing you to provide quality care. DrChrono enables you to view patient charts with a single click. Its other features include drawing tools and customized medical forms to speed up your documentation process. This feature also helps you locate the pain points and injection sites for your patients. 

You can direct lab and imaging orders through DrChrono EMR Software and receive the patient chart results. DrChrono also provides a patient portal where you can share the pain treatment plans with them. Another key feature of DrChrono includes providing educational material for patients to help them control their pain. You can also share customized documents with your patients. 

DrChrono is one of the best EMR for Pain Management that can help you ease your tasks through its various features described above. 

Concluding Note For Pain Management

An efficient EMR Software is necessary for your Pain Management Practice. While deciding to choose the software for your setup, we suggest listing down your preferences and looking at the features provided by each EMR. This way, you can select the best EMR for Pain Management practice. 

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