how to scan from brother computer

How to scan from brother printer to windows or mac

Find out the step-wise guide on how to scan from brother printer to computer to windows or mac. There are two separate options that are given here. One pertains to doing the scanning with the help of the Brother printer on a Windows machine, and the other on a MAC machine. Both of these will be simply described and given in a way that is easy to follow.

Starting out the scan from brother printer to windows method:

  1. Make sure that you start out by first going to the control option on your device. this would then take some moments to load. After which move on to click on the windows icon on your device screen. From here then click on the option which says brother printer and choose it. From here then click on brother utilities again.
  2. Then go to the Start screen and click on the bottom arrow. Brother printer not connected Then go to the option which says utility. After this move on to the option which says scan and then clicks on it. Make sure you also go to the scan utilities after this and let it load. After you have done this, then go to the device scan settings option within your device too.
  3. This will be a dialog box that will have four options appear in front of you. Pick the one which leads you to advance device settings for your device. wait for the page to load as well. 
  4. After you have put in the document and the process to scan has begun, the device settings dialog box would open again. This will then give you a list of things that you can alter on your device. make sure you change and alter according to your requirements. This is also something that would require you to specify what kind of file changes you want to make, or what kind of document you would like to save it as, etc. 

Starting out the scan from brother printer to mac method:

  1. For the Mac devices, the process is also simple. It starts out by also making sure that you have your device set up properly first. Make sure that the printer also has been connected, wired, etc. properly. Only then can you move on to making sure that the device is functioning properly. This has to be done prior to the scanning process on your brother’s printer. Ensure the peripherals are in order.
  2. You have to then go to the control option within your device, and then a dialog box opens up in front of you. Click on the control option, which will then lead you to the option of clicking on the file name. change and modify this according to how you would like it. Click on the device button.
  3. This will then give you a list of options that you can pick out of in the device settings. Another thing which you could do is make sure that you also go into the advanced settings option within it. And help you change how the nuances will be shaped on your device. you can also make sure you also save the data which you have scanned in a proper manner. 
  4. Choose the device location carefully and then you can also make changes where you set this printer as the default device for printing. You can maneuver the document to scan with the help of the scan settings, you will be enabled to choose the options which you would like to print with. This will overall help you develop a better sense of scan type, resolution, etc. which you want.
  5. Once this has been done, then ensure you save all the printer settings on your device. this will make sure that your printer has accepted all the changes. If needed, reboot the device and then use it. Make sure you conduct a few test prints before you do this too. Also Read: Canon Printer Not Printing Color

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