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Kedarkantha Trek 2020, Uttarakhand, Best Winter & Snow Trek

The Himalayas, the greatest and tallest scopes of Mountains concealing a portion of its absolute best puts under their snow top mountains. Furthermore, to investigate such wonders you’ve to get out from your usual range of familiarity with Kedarkantha Trek.

I’ve been to the Himalayas before at Oat Trek in Dharamshala however, I was still a long way from the day off from the pinnacle. Kedarkantha is the Winter is an astonishing journey for the individuals who need to do a trip on a day of the individuals who need to arrive at the highest point of the pinnacle. Kedarkantha is certifiably not a common Himalayas journey, it’s a highest point journey. It implies you’ve to arrive at the culmination and return back to the beginning stage.

Kedarkantha Trek – India’s Most Popular Winter Trek

Kedarkantha Trek at glance:

Trouble -: Moderate to Hard in Winter

Length -: 5-6 Days, relies upon Agencies

Separation -: 30 KM, Sankri Base Camp to Summit and afterward back to Sankri Base Camp

Most elevated Altitude -: 12,500 feet

Temperature -: Min: – 12°C, Max: 5°C


In the event that you’re voyaging alone, at that point you should be in a gathering or you’ve to take a public vehicle that begins ahead of schedule from Dehradun. While getting back from Sankri, you can recruit a Bus or Taxi from Sankri Village. You’ll discover numerous vehicles and Tempo Travelers at the town.


Private Trekking Agencies have their Basecamp there you don’t need to stress over. If you’re going with no organization, at that point, there are not many Hotels and Homestays at Sankri Village.

Portable Connectivity

Just BSNL Mobile association works and that too in Sankri Village. No organization on a whole trip and on the Summit you may discover Vodafone or Airtel logos. So ensure you tell your family members that you won’t be in Network for not many days.

Basic Gears:

  • Climbing Shoes
  • Driven Torch or Headlamp
  • Downpour Protection Gear
  • 4-5 Pair of Shocks
  • Traveling Pole
  • You can discover additionally journeying gears list that I utilized during Kedarkantha Trek

For this journey, I’ve picked the Youth Hostel of India for some reasons:

  • They’re modest
  • They’re controlled by the Volunteers, working there with no check.
  • They give delectable food.
  • Each bunch of tallies stretch around 50, so you’ll discover enough pal to make companions, and traveling in gatherings has its own preferred position.
  • They regard qualities, they carefully adhere to the nature rules.

Kedarkantha Trek – Best Snow Trek of India Information

Kedarkantha is anything but an Easy Trek as referenced by numerous organizations, it comes in Moderate to hard in snow conditions. If you’re going to Kedarkantha Trek in Winters, at that point you should begin readiness 2 months back so you can appreciate the whole trip else you’ll creep starting with one camp then onto the next.

I gained such a huge amount from the Kedarkantha Trek, I can gladly say that I advanced myself into the next stage. Presently I feel more sure of the Himalayas. It is likewise an ideal opportunity to search for some new Himalayan Trek, more excellent and additionally testing.

Much the same as school understudies, we’re strolling in an orderly fashion, 80% of travelers came here without any planning, they don’t even have the light with them. In my gatherings, I’m the just one conveying the LED light and I was additionally directing my companions.

Keep in mind, there is an unwritten guideline in the Himalayas, consistently help your kindred travelers regardless of what the circumstances are. I realized that imparting light to my companions will hinder my speed which means I’m going to miss the dawn from the pinnacle, however, I chose to remain with them as two of my companions are the amateur.

The path was difficult, notwithstanding having the great journeying shoes, I was confronting trouble to keep up my grasp. Notwithstanding, I succeed with no utilization of crampons. If you’ve great traveling shoes like Quechua Forclaz 600, at that point you needn’t bother with crampons.

The way is long and appears ceaseless and with each move, the trouble level of the trail continues rising. The measure of snow developed, trail steepness was untouched high and oxygen level continued declining.

The Himalayas never let you win so effectively, I’ve seen individuals experienced low oxygen, lost breath, their certainty level is untouched low, and not many of them quit in the mid manner. This is the reason I prescribe all the future travelers to accompany the planning, essential preparation is suggested.

We’re not many meters from the Summit and afterward, I glance at my left side. The Horizon at Swargarohini turns orange which implies dawn can happen at any moment.

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