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Creating an application for business, is it a necessity?

Mobile apps are all the rage, perhaps because they bring a lot of benefits to businesses, whether for stores, restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas, etc. We can even mention the recruitment agencies that need an application. Better team coordination, uninterrupted customer service, or branding – there are thousands of good reasons to build a business app. However, it is clear that some organizations simply do not need a mobile app.

Stay strong, take a step back from your project, and don’t give in to fashion. Sometimes a business site is enough. This is important because creating a smartphone app can be very expensive, sometimes even going as high as a few tens of thousands of dollars. This article will help you determine if your business really needs to build a mobile app. Do you find yourself in one of the situations presented below?

How Mobile Apps can help your Business?

  1. I use several applications to manage my business.

An application for booking meeting rooms, another for managing the calendar, and an Excel sheet to track marketing expenses. Everything works fine, but it is surely not the most efficient way to run a business. All the time that you and your collaborators spend finding the right document in the multitude of files, you could invest it in other more income-generating activities. With a simple internal management application, your employees would have access to all the documents they need, at any time. A mobile app can also automate a lot of processes such as invoicing or the preparation of contracts. Your employees will be less overwhelmed. You will soon realize this.

  1. I can’t manage all of my leads!

Some potential customers call you; others send you emails or contact you by messaging to make an appointment. They insist on having it as soon as possible…then they forget it and they don’t even show up. So you waste time and money. Mobile technologies offer multiple solutions to this type of problem.

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It is possible, for example, to create an application that automatically reminds the customer that he has an appointment. She will send him a push notification. For those of your customers who do not want to install an application on their phone, you can set up a system for sending SMS. This solution is particularly useful for establishments such as health centers, beauty institutes, and public bodies. The creation of an application of this type certainly requires a significant investment, but its ROI is sustainable and will not take long to enter your cash registers.

  1. I want to improve the quality of my customer service.

With a mobile application, you can offer more convenience to your customers. Take the example of Club Bio, the consumer club that rewards purchases of organic products. Before, its users had to send their receipts by mail in order to take advantage of the freebies. Today, they just need to take a picture of them and send them through the app. Needless to say; Club Bio members have greeted the new app with enthusiasm.

It’s a real time saver for them, but also for the Club Bio team, which now has fewer letters to process. This is precisely the advantage of smartphone applications: they give us more mobility. Cinemas, museums, and other places of culture can dematerialize their tickets. Students can carry tens or even hundreds of books with them. Tourists can finally forget about the card at the hotel. It’s cheaper, environmentally friendly and lighter!

  1. I would like to optimize commercial prospecting.

Your sales team will appreciate having a mobile application at their disposal. That’s why Sales representatives will be able to have all the presentation documents directly on their smartphone or tablet. They will go to the appointment with the client without being afraid of having forgotten something. They will feel more confident because they will have something to wow customers. A tablet, a beautiful presentation…They will be proud to represent an innovative brand. Customers, meanwhile, are sure to notice. They can always stay closer to the customer. A messaging system allows you to communicate in a more direct and informal way than an email … and costs nothing, unlike the telephone.

  1. I want to retain my customers.

The smartphone is the favorite gadget of many young consumers. There is no better way to keep them coming back to your business than by giving them a mobile app. It’s much more than offering them the mobility that we mentioned in the previous point. Mobile has become a lifestyle for some. Young people sometimes prefer to use apps on their smartphones even when they are at home! The computer has lost its dominant place among everyday technologies.

And it is not by chance. Compared to the computer, the smartphone allows greater comfort and, above all, a more intense interaction with the world around us. With his smartphone always on hand, the customer instantly knows if he has received a message, whether it be an SMS, a push notification, or an email. If you send them a news, promotion, or event invitation, you can be pretty sure they get the message. Many businesses, such as supermarkets or clothing stores, use this mobile technology to retain their customers. Why not you?

  1. I wonder how to increase the sales of my e-commerce.

To achieve this goal, we recommend that you create a web application, which is nothing more than a website perfectly suited to the size and characteristics of mobile devices. It is accessible from a browser such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. The web applications have an undeniable advantage for businesses, and more generally, for all companies: they can be found and launched from any search engine by typing keywords.
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Only web applications allow you to use the full potential of SEO to promote your business! In addition, building web applications costs significantly less than native applications. Developing a native app is recommended if your brand already has some notoriety. In fact, in most cases, mobile users download applications from companies they already know and trust. Our advice: adapt your website to mobile formats before considering the creation of a native application for iPhone or Android.

  1. My goal is to facilitate communication with customers.

Some companies, for example, agencies specializing in mobile and web development 😉, need to communicate frequently with their clients. Mail is not the best solution if you need a quick response. The phone can be expensive, especially if you have customers abroad. Finally, applications like Skype and What Sapp, for their part, because some people have doubts about the confidentiality of exchanges you can reassure them by offering them Maven Digital mobile app development company Dubai to communicate. Some will prefer to use traditional communication channels anyway, but techies will be happy. And even if the development of a communication application is expensive, the telephone bill will no longer scare you. The ROI will come true very quickly.

None of these scenarios suit you?

That doesn’t mean you should give up on your mobile app project. I have just presented you with some examples of the most recurring mobile applications, but this list is not exhaustive. It’s up to you to analyze your business needs. Let’s not forget that creating an app just to keep up with market trends ends up badly in most cases. A mobile application project requires at least a few weeks of reflection on its usefulness.

List the aspects you want to improve in your organization and write down the solutions you intend to bring by creating an application. It is only when you have listed the objectives of your future app that you can start to define its functionalities and to write the specifications. Count on us to help you create your mobile application. From design to delivery of source codes, we are at your disposal to advise you and ensure that your project is carried out according to your expectations.

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