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Unique Sea Food Dishes to Eat At Italian Restaurants in LA

Sea Food is one of the most popular ingredients that Italians use in their cuisines. They have many exciting and unique recipes that are cooked at Italian Restaurants in LA.

History Of Sea Food In Italy

Seafood has a long history of its presence in Italy. To understand the importance of why Italians love seafood a lot; you have to know when and from where the use of seafood started. 

Sicily Has Largest Industry Of Fishing 

Although the whole country of Italy has almost all regions that have at least one part facing the sea; so seafood is an impotent part of their dishes. But Sicily has the largest industry that deals with all kinds of seafood. 

Only Form Of Meat At Lent Festival

The Lent festival is the 40 days of fasting in which meat is prohibited. So the only form of meat that can be cooked during these days is seafood. 

Sea Food From Interior Sicily Is Also Popular

The seafood from the freshwater rivers in the interior of the island is also popular; especially the freshwater eels are famous in many Italian Restaurants In LA serving seafood.

Cuisines Cooked Traditionally Still

Even today the technique of catching fish in most of the coastal areas is the same; as it was thousands of years ago. Also, the methods of cooking plates of seafood are still followed by tradition.

Benefits Sea Food Gives To Human Body

The main reason for the majority Italians being of old, but at the same time healthy is that they have seafood in their diet that gives many benefits to the body. The minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, and proteins help to maintain the excellent health of various organs of the body.

Eating Unique Sea Food Dishes At Italian Restaurants In LA

You can order different seafood dishes from Italian places like Burrata House; which are unique but also tasty. If you are craving distinct dishes then you should try the following dishes.

Variety Of Raw Fish

This kind of serving is very a popular part of the antipasto course; in which raw fish variety is served cold with lemon slices. Sometimes they are paired with other ingredients as well.

Croquettes Made From Tuna

This is a typical croquette that is made from tuna and with other herbs and seasonings. It is served with Italian sauces, but it is best paired with guacamole. Guacamole is made from mashed avocado.

Tarts Made From Tuna

This is one of the coastal Italian seafood dishes that are a combination of sweet as well sour. The unique quality is that the fish is served raw.

Sweet Tart Sea Bream

Have you ever tried sea bream with strawberries? No, then this your chance to experience it.

Poached Catch Of The Day

The fishermen use the simple recipe of poaching the fish they catch on the day that they decide to poach. They can combine different vegetables with fish. 

Pasta With Mixed Sea Food

As you know that pasta is the staple food of Italians; so they mix other ingredients with it. Seafood and pasta are also mixed.

Tradition Swordfish Rolls

Lastly, you can order swordfish rolls at Italian Restaurants In LA. Thin slices of swordfish are filled with various mixtures, rolled, and then either baked or grilled on a pan.

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