what is web hosting and what are types of web hosting

What is web hosting and what are various types of web hosting services?

What is web hosting?

The web hosting service providers allocate a space to you on the server to upload and store all the files related to your website. The set files stored on the server are combined with the program code and the information in terms of text and images. 

Every user gets a limited space on the server and the available resources such as speed processor, internal memory, security features will be shared among the users. Once the website is hosted on the server under a domain name, it will be displayed all the time globally. There are different types of technologies used to host the servers using advanced options.

The websites have become a part of recognition for private organizations, government agencies, business houses, schools, colleges, and many more. To have a website that can be online 24/7 for 365 days of the year uninterruptedly, you need to have the most efficient hosting provider. There are several web hosting companies offering the much-required web hosting services to the customers and taking care of the websites round the clock.  

Choosing an appropriate web hosting company is not an easy task because there are several options of web hosting, different functionalities, and a variety of price points.

Web hosting environment:

The web hosting environment plays a significant role in web hosting. Web hosting can be of various types.

Shared hosting allows you to host the website by sharing space and resources with other websites. The shared hosting is cheap and best suited for small or medium-sized companies. It is also most effective for personal websites and newly hosted websites that have lower traffic. You should be careful about shared resources and prefer e-commerce services such as business SSD hosting.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting offers you a dedicated server to host your site. The high-speed server performs well and makes your website efficient with advanced features and higher flexibility. VPS hosting is also called a virtual dedicated server (VDS) because the server is shared among the clients but yet it appears to be dedicated for each one. The clients get the option to customize the server as per the requirements.

The dedicated server can be made to host a single website. The server runs at high speed with large storage space and unlimited memory. It manages the website independently. The hosting is more expensive than most of the hosting plans. It offers self-service administration features and remains flexible under the circumstances. It also offers the technical expertise to manage the entire platform while dealing with software and security issues. The service is mainly available for bigger business houses at a higher cost.

Manage a dedicated server is available on a rental basis and it helps in running the website successfully. The managed hosting allows the user to manage the website as per requirement but the web host manages the resources and maintains the server. The cost of a managed dedicated server is higher than a shared hosting server.

Cloud hosting servers are based on huge public cloud services such as Amazon web services (AWS) and also Microsoft Azure. It combines the power of multiple dedicated servers and offers unlimited resources. The services run faster with advanced features without any issues or interruption. It has become highly popular among businessmen and professionals. The interconnected technology keeps the servers in a network and offers the most reliable, extensible support for all types of businesses. The higher bandwidth and unlimited disk space are the features that make cloud hosting highly expensive.

Reseller web hosting is a much-preferred website hosting that allows an in-house data center as a dedicated server to host other websites. You can get the hosting account with a web hosting company along with allocated disk space on the server. You can make use of the assigned space on the server to host the websites of your clients. You can share the storage space, processor, bandwidth along with other minor resources. Reseller hosting can be one of the useful income sources. It is one of the popular business plans among entrepreneurs to have their units of web designing and web hosting.

Bottom Line:

Website is considered as a mark of recognition for the business. But while you decide on hosting a website, you need to choose the most suitable and best web hosting service, provider. Also, you have to choose the type of hosting which mainly depends on your business requirements and your pocket.

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